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a distorted reality is now a neccessity

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Hunter -

Hunter who is never silent, who never stops, Hunter who fights, Hunter who knows a power trip, Hunter who defends her sister, Hunter who defendes herself either with logic, stories, or cuddles. Hunter, who is my Hunter. You can win, you cannot read, but I will always tell you that you will win again the tall People. Hunter, you have passed all and any tests. Hunter. you were named after H.S. Thompson and Utah Phillips, but you have a uterus.....you win babe....you win.

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So I'm in Love. And many of you may go "Yes, with jed, we know." and the rest of you may smile because you know it is with Jed and someone else. Ely. His name is Ely, and he's amazing. My kids, my husband, my mother, my family, they all welcome him. Jed and he have a relationship, Ely and I have a relationship, and Ely and I have a relationship - and it's working. What more to say?

Is that enough to say where I am at? Is it enough to say that we are all doing deep lessons in what is and is not triangulation?

Better to say this morning my babes picked out a new princess dress and tea set. Better to say they ate two plates of sweet potatoe fries their drenched in lingonberry syrup? Best to say that life continues but with added love?

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Yes, I understand, Barack Obama - great guy. Noble Peace Prize winner - Yahoo. Did he earn it? No. Did he get it, Yes? Do we care as long as someone is working towards global peace, not really.....

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someday, I will nearly miss the crazy train on the crazy track, and I will never come back.
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I need to write a film script: But I'm a control freak, so ...it has to have everything scripted. I'm loosing my mind.
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Everyone's cats are dying! I can't handle this.
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i'll tell you why i don't want to know where you are
i got a joke i been dying to tell you
a silent kid is looking down the barrel
to make the noise that i kept so quiet
i kept it from you, pitseleh
i'm not what's missing from your life now
i could never be the puzzle pieces
they say that god makes problems
just to see what you can stand
before you do as the devil pleases
and give up the thing you love
but no one deserves it
the first time i saw you i knew it would never last
i'm not half what i wish i was
i'm so angry
i don't think it'll ever pass
and i was bad news for you just because
i never meant to hurt you

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elliott smith's birthday.

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Photos of My Family!
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