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So I'm in Love. And many of you may go "Yes, with jed, we…

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So I'm in Love. And many of you may go "Yes, with jed, we know." and the rest of you may smile because you know it is with Jed and someone else. Ely. His name is Ely, and he's amazing. My kids, my husband, my mother, my family, they all welcome him. Jed and he have a relationship, Ely and I have a relationship, and Ely and I have a relationship - and it's working. What more to say?

Is that enough to say where I am at? Is it enough to say that we are all doing deep lessons in what is and is not triangulation?

Better to say this morning my babes picked out a new princess dress and tea set. Better to say they ate two plates of sweet potatoe fries their drenched in lingonberry syrup? Best to say that life continues but with added love?

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On March 18th, 2012 06:06 am (UTC), sagefemme11 commented:
Love is all kinds of amazing. <3
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